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FridaySeptember 6, 2024Arrivals, Accreditation (possible to visit IFSC World Cup – Lead semi-finals at 20:00)
SaturdaySeptember 7, 2024Arrivals, Accreditation, trainings (possible to visit IFSC World Cup – Lead finals at 20:00)
SundaySeptember 8, 2024Trainings, Technical meeting (10:00), Opening ceremony
MondaySeptember 9, 2024Boulder qualifications, HoD official dinner
TuesdaySeptember 10, 2024Boulder semi-finals, Speed qualifications, Boulder finals + medal ceremony
WednesdaySeptember 11, 2024Lead qualifications, Speed finals + medal ceremony
ThursdaySeptember 12, 2024Lead semi-finals, Lead finals + medal ceremony, closing ceremony
FridaySeptember 13, 2024Departures

Venue Information

GPRJ+2M Koper – Capodistria
Foto: Tomaž Primožič

Competition venue

The competition in 2024 will take place on the outdoor climbing wall of the Koper Climbing Center. The climbing center is located in the city itself, next to the Bonifika sports stadium.

📍 Plus Climbing Koper, Ljubljanska cesta 2b, Koper


Men’s and women’s events:

  • Boulder
  • Lead
  • Speed

Every competitor and delegation officials must have an IFSC international licence that is valid for the year of the Championship and issued by his/her national federation, which shall be affiliated to the IFSC.